Advocate For the Future

TO ADVOCATE is to use special knowledge to be an agent of positive change for people who can not make that change alone.

A SPECIAL EDUCATION ADVOCATE is someone; who has special knowledge and experience concerning special education and disability issues, who uses that knowledge and experience to help people who have disabilities, to get education which improves their opportunity to succeed in life.

    I'm Carol Steiner.  How can I help.  I'm not an attorney.  I'm an advocate, since 1979, for families who need help with getting an education for family members who have disabilities.  I'm also a mom, wife, sister, and aunt to people who have physical, mental health and learning disabilities.  This site is still under construction.  Soon it will offer you lots of information and lets you know about other sources you may want to use.  All the information here and many of the other resources will be available to you free of any cost.

About Carol

    I'm Carol Ellen Steiner, MSW.  I have been married to Jim for more than 40 years.  We are parents of two children.  We began searching for information after our family doctor told us to relax and wait for James to "outgrow it".  We found help through the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities in the late 1970's (ACLD has recently changed its name to LDAA).  It was then that I began learning and practicing advocacy with other parents of children who found ACLD.  For many years I worked as a volunteer with ACLD and took advantage of the many types of informational seminars and trainings.  I am deeply grateful to LDAA and honored to have had the opportunity to advocate with amazing families.  These experiences allowed me to contribute to the futures of many children and helped me to grow and learn so that I could improve as an advocate.




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Carol Steiner is an advocate not an attorney. All opinions expressed herein are not meant to be legal advice, only the opinion of the author.